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Great minis, with good quality printing!


Print is great, railing and antenas are all just like in the photo here, the sword is very brittle though, carefull with that. Will have to fashion myself a new one since this one broke off for me

Glad I got this little amphibian

I expected it to be about the same size as the Manticore tank, they're a bit smaller, but still look nice

Looks great

Wish there were more vehicles to choose from, but this one didn't dissapoint

Crisp detail, great sculpts

They look as advertised, I was surprised that some smaller details like pipes and rails weren't just indentations, but actually had the negative space in and behind them, that comes at a cost though - plastic is brittle and while unpacking I did snap a sword on one of the mechs

warhammer blk widow

very good quality, going to be painting up here soon to have it fall in line with the black widow company. long live the Star League

Bergzoid 001

pretty darn good quality and detail! loving it and will definitly be buying more variants in the future!!! thank you

Lance Battletech Loot Box - Alternate Battletech Mechwarrior Miniatures

Great 3D print!

Item came very well packaged and was well printed, no cleanup required!

What a great first impression!

What a FANTASTIC seller, products came VERY well packed, no damage to even the smallest parts. Thank you for the great quality, i will be buying more in the future! Highly recommended seller!

Model review

Another great model! I love mine

Model review

The details on this model are excellent! One of many I have ordered from here

Trickster Talon Report

Loving the print of the miniature. Some very minor cleanup was done, but the miniature is razor sharp in quality, and very beautiful. The first step in forming my avian 'Mech unit. Would definitely recommend, and will purchase from Stickurama again in the future. I am very very happy with my latest acquisition! Thank you!

Awesome Alt Atlas Miniature!!!

While I wish the autocannon on the right arm had a little longer barrel the miniature over all was a nice departure from the other more plodding miniatures to date made.

Great design & great print!

The Ripper is super detailed and fun to paint. The print quality is superb. The size is perfect & the Atlas head shoulder armor is a brilliant touch too.

Great miniature

This is an excellent miniature. Very dynamic and appropriately size. Far better than the previous versions produced by other manufacturers.

Bergzoid 001 Excellent Quality!

The quality of the print is excellent, just a few areas that needed to be cleaned with the exacto knife and then ready for paint. Great miniature!

Wakari F (By PMW) Alternate Battletech Mechwarrior Miniatures

Warfare B, very pleased.

This like all Printed Miniatures I have received from Stickurama, is very high quality, great printing, and packaging. Its not accident, I keep going back.

Nice model

Well casted dynamic model. I especially like the MWO style with a visible cockpit.

Small Zeus

Mini has no defects, arrived very well packaged, nicely detailed just like the picture. Three stars because it’s an assault mech the size of a locust. I have firestarters and wolfhounds that are taller, wider, thicker, than the Zeus-Aim.

Nice miniature

Nice miniature, good detail.

Really Nice Model

As the title says, this is a very nice miniature. It is a clean detailed sculpture, dramatically posed and perfectly sized. I was very pleased with it.

Just amazing

A flawless print of a battletech mainstay.


SO HAPPY WITH HOW THEY TURNED OUT! Justin communicated professionally and was responsive with my specific request of STL’s to print. Great customer service!