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Stickurama Miniporium

Whale Fish M3 Alt 1 (By PMW) Alternate Battletech Mechwarrior Miniatures

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"Whale Fish M3 Alt 1" alternate miniature for Battletech. Great for any Mechwarrior/ Battletech players!

-Resin printed to ensure great detail on every mini print!
-All miniatures are properly cured after printing to make them "ready to paint" upon arrival!
-Battletech-accurate Scaling. These miniatures are scaled against the latest Battletech miniatures for the most accurate scaling.
-All models are printed in a GREY photopolymer resin and are fully cured before being packaged for shipping!

Hexbase included.

Custom printing is also available if you have your own STL files you like to bring to life!

Images may be renders of the models and physical prints may differ slightly, if you would like to see examples of our prints if there is not a physical listing displayed please feel free to reach out! We will remove all supports prior to shipping some small clean up may be necessary prior to painting.

Thanks for taking a look!

*Note* The file used to print this miniature has been licensed by Polygon Masterworks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

amazing mech! figure strong and steady..great for a game!🙂👍

awesome mech

love its size and details!!

Joshua Dean
Bullshark AKA Whalefish

Received my order including two Whalefish battlemechs, both M3 variants but each a different pose. Shipped to overseas FPO AP address in a timely manner, very well protected, each mech in the box was individually wrapped in bubble wrap and a lining of wrap went around the lot. Only four stars due to each Whalefish having correctable defects on the back of the miniatures, in the form of some 'melting' effect on the panel lines on the back, and what look like holes where small bubbles formed and popped during casting. Took me about thirty minutes to clean the panel lines up, and the porosity I just filled in with primer. Overall very satisfied with the miniatures, none of the smaller minis had any defects, i suspect the MASSIVE size of the Whalefish prints played a part. Will purchase more from this seller in the future.